Sir Mary is Swiss lead agency for Polestar

The car producer Polestar is preparing for its market launch in Switzerland. In a screening, Sir Mary secured the mandate as lead agency for all communication measures in Switzerland.


Sir Mary is starting from scratch for Polestar. In order to get to one hundred quickly, the Zurich agency will have a wide range of tasks, from launch campaigns, test-drive events, and communications around the opening of new "Polestar Spaces." The goal is to quickly make the brand known in Switzerland and to bring the Polestar 2 electric hatchback sedan to Swiss roads. To do this, Polestar is relying on a holistic digital customer journey.

"Launching a new car brand in Switzerland - you don't get such a comprehensive task every day. The fact that Polestar is outperforming all others in terms of sustainability, innovation, and driving pleasure makes us proud mandate holders," says Daniel Zuberbühler, co-founder and Client Service Director at Sir Mary.

Sascha Heiniger, Head of Polestar Switzerland: "The market for electric cars is highly competitive, fast and still very new. That's why we need an agency that thinks and works like that. We are convinced that we have found the ideal co-driver in Sir Mary."

Polestar was introduced by Volvo in 2015 as a tuning forge. In 2017, Volvo announced that Polestar would start producing high-quality electric cars under its own name and brand in the future. Polestar is jointly owned by Volvo Cars and its parent company Geely. For a deposit of 1000 francs, the Polestar 2 can already be reserved. If one changes one's mind, the deposit will be refunded without further ado.

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