Department of Noise wins Better Sound Award for The Sound of Fyooz

The Zurich-based audio branding agency has been honored at the International Sound Awards 2022 in Hamburg for its work for the Swiss crypto startup "Fyooz".

"A sound that is rhythmic and reduced, radiating irrepressible energy. Powerful and concise enough to start a movement." This was - broken down to two sentences - the briefing for the sound identity of "Fyooz" developed from the strategic stem. The Swiss crypto startup combines the idea of the stock market (invest and participate) with the content-driven concept of social media: "The freedom to invest in what you believe in, right here and right now."

"Looking back at the last 30 years of music history, there's only one answer that lives up to the brief," elaborates Ph!L!pp Schweidler, Director Strategy & Creation at Department of Noise: "It's the sound of a distorted 808 kick drum, produced by the device that has arguably had the greatest impact of all time on electronic music: the Roland TR-808 Drum Machine. This one sound instantly catapults generations of listeners into a world that is pure fun, vibrant, infectious, sexy and has literally sparked a youth movement - more than one, actually!"

The concept of making exactly this "Booom" the main component of the Fyooz sound convinced the jury, which consists of top-class audio and digital experts from all over the world: It is loaded with stories for everyone who has experienced rave culture all over the world - and is still one of the most used sounds in current genres like Future Trap or Cloud Rap. And thus transports the brand's intended impact and attitude with pinpoint accuracy.

Florian Goetze, Director Strategy & Creation at Department of Noise, adds: "As is so often the case, a good plan can probably only be explained in creation. We are all the more pleased that the jury was not only attracted by the idea, but also by the execution!"

Responsible at Fyooz: Urs Kuhn (Co-Founder), Pipo Semmler (COO & Partner), Isa Gerber (Operations & Knowledge). Responsible at Department of Noise: Florian Goetze, Ph!L!pp Schweidler (Strategy, Creative Direction & Production). Brand Sound Movie: Department of Noise (Concept); Fyooz & (Realisation).


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