Migros includes apprentices and trainees in the annual report

Migros has opened up its annual report for the active participation of the next generation. Trainees from the Migros Group develop new formats for annual reporting in the "Reporting Academy" future lab.

They will be accompanied by corporate reporting experts from Hej and filmmakers from Filmgerberei. The guiding questions of the Reporting Academy are: How should a company report in order to reach the next generation? How can an online report be attractive and accessible to all employees? Inspired by the theses of Migros' founding couple Gottlieb and Adele Duttweiler, the Reporting Academy, in its first year of existence, drew up twelve theses on how Migros should report on its business activities in the future.

In the Migros Annual Report 2022, twelve apprentices and trainees are now fulfilling two of these theses: they illustrate the diversity of the Migros Group and make the Migros Annual Report more interactive. In the cinematic quiz show "Welcome to Mega Migi Mind!" with completely independently produced reports, the young people impart exemplary knowledge about the Migros specialty store SportXX, the Migros subsidiary Hotelplan Group, and the analysis laboratory of the Migros Cooperative Union SQTS. The film quiz is interrupted by quiz questions, which the users can answer directly in the online report.

Two commercials were also produced

Reporting Academy members also produced short commercials for two product highlights of Migros' 2022 fiscal year: the coffee system for CoffeeB, the world's first capsule-free coffee system, and non-alcoholic non-beer, the 2022
launched in the wake of the strike vote on the introduction of alcohol in Migros stores.

As it did for the 2021 Annual Report, the Reporting Academy produced a cinematic review of the year with the President of the Board, Ursula Nold, and with the President of the General Management of the Federation of Migros Cooperatives, Fabrice Zumbrunnen. The exchange on those topics that are particularly important to the young generation - such as Migros' progress in climate protection - is very much appreciated by the President and the Chairman, as well as by the young people. As a result, this new reporting format developed by the Reporting Academy has already become an integral part of the Migros Annual Report.

Responsible at Migros: Annina Arpagaus (Secretary General Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund), Nicole Hess (Deputy Secretary General Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund). Responsible at Hej: Janine Widler (Project Management, Consulting), Helm Pfohl (Creative Direction), Selina Theiler (Art Direction, Design), Cédrine Speck (UX-Design), Sara Wirz (Content Office), Nina Marti (Stv. Project Management); Publishing: NeidhartSchön: Elvira Hürlimann (Project Management); Film Production: Filmgerberei: Flavio Gerber/Alun Meyerhans (Director), Marike Löhr (Producer), Silvio Gerber (Camera). Lea Filadoro (dramaturgy/editing), Silvan Wacker (animation), Roger Somm. (grading) and Jingle Jungle (mix); portrait and reportage photography: Claudia Link; lithography: Roger Bahcic; translation/proofreading: Supertext.

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