Rod launches #Neighborhood initiative for Migros commitment

Migros-Engagement is committed to good neighborliness in Switzerland - and to this end is launching the three-part #Neighborhood initiative with the support of Rod Kommunikation.

NachbarschaftsinitiativeThe #Neighborhood Initiative includes various sub-projects that are intended to promote good neighborliness. It was launched on Monday with a draw for 500 Migros gift cards worth 500 francs for smaller neighborhood projects. At the same time, the major neighborhood study conducted by the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute GDI will be presented. This will be followed in the fall of 2022 by an ideas competition to support larger neighborhood projects. The # neighborhood initiative will be concluded in May 2023 on Neighborhood Day.

The retailer has always supported cultural and social initiatives. The pandemic has now made the population more aware of neighborhoods. For this reason, Migros Culture Percentage commissioned the major study on neighborhoods in Switzerland from the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute at the beginning of the year. The results of the study have reinforced Migros' commitment to launching the #Neighborhood Initiative, which promotes good neighborliness in concrete terms.

The various sub-projects are communicated to the general public and on all Migros channels and in Migros stores throughout Switzerland. Social media, display ads, store announcements, checkout sampling and posters at the point of presence are used.

Responsible at Migros Engagement: Hedy Graber, Stefan Schöbi, Nicole Di Natale, Esther Unternährer, Barbara Salm. Conception, creation and realization: Rod Communication. Photographer: Jonathan Heyer.

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