HitMill turns Swiss Life employees into "singing stars

Swiss Life launched the song "Me, myself and you" with the support of HitMill. 111 employees took part in the production and brought the song to life with their personal singing videos from the home office.

At the beginning of March 2021, Swiss Life launched an initiative for its own Swiss Life song. The idea behind it: To express togetherness and solidarity within the Swiss Life Group in the ongoing pandemic situation - and spread positive energy.

In the end, 111 employees from various countries and divisions responded to the call and submitted their singing videos. The Swiss Life song "Me, myself and you" and the accompanying video were created from all these voices.

The reggae-style song stands out above all because so many Swiss Life employees contributed to it. The result is a musical collaborative work that captures the extraordinary pandemic situation in a positive way as a contemporary document. The song premiered on Thursday and is available on Youtube, Apple Music and Spotify.

Responsible at Swiss Life: Internal Communications Team. Responsible at HitMill: Georg Schlunegger (Music Producer), Noemi Mathis (Project Manager).

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