Entertainment boom: AI and sustainability take the stage

At this year's 360° Entertainment Forum, it was clear that the entertainment industry is on the up. New technologies are making inroads, and sustainability is becoming more important.

The entertainment industry is on the upswing again in 2023 - this was clearly evident at the 360° Entertainment Forum. "Consumer behavior is incredibly positive. We and especially our partners notice that," says Oliver Niedermann, CEO Ticketcorner. And co-host Hans-Willy Brockes, Managing Director of ESB Marketing Netzwerk, adds: "The big entertainment companies are posting record sales, and everyone is benefiting from that".

The importance of the industry is underlined by National Council President Martin Candinas: "Numerous Swiss locations owe their international reputation to passionate organizers who have initiated events there." It is the task of politicians to strengthen Switzerland as a location worth living in. This also includes creating the conditions for attractive events, not least because of the importance of the industry for the job market in the country. Candinas himself admits to being a big entertainment fan in his private life - after all, he met his wife at the Lumnezia Openair.

Live events in real space are still not easy to replace. This is the conclusion reached by Fred Türling, Senior Vice President Information Science at CTS Eventim. He bases his statement on a broad-based survey throughout the DACH region. And yet, digitization and artificial intelligence will become increasingly important in entertainment in the future. Immersive technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality will be increasingly used in the coming years to make events even more interactive. Virtual information about events could become a loyal companion at events in the near future.

The Metaverse lures

And the possibilities in the metaverse are also enticing - the first radio stations already have their own "studios" in virtual space. There are many opportunities here, and the industry is ready and willing to push boundaries and proactively anticipate new technologies. Particularly when it comes to the increasingly important issue of sustainability, for example, AI can help to handle resources even more efficiently. One focus of the industry congress is the Swiss musical market. It creates the generation leap and also picks up tomorrow's audience today.

The "Sunrise starzone" project initiated by Ticketcorner will also be highlighted. The all-round package in music marketing has been on the market for just under a year, with more than 150 concerts, 15 festivals and venues throughout Switzerland already offering partners a broad portfolio and customers special access.

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