Founders Day 2024: "Networking is everything"

At Founders Day 2024 in Zurich, organized by the Swiss Startup Association at Google, over 200 guests met to discuss startup trends. was there and conducted video interviews on the topic of brand management.

The six Werbewoche video talks on Founders Day 2024 offer a kaleidoscope of insights with startup experts and the founder of the event. These talks not only provide valuable strategies and trends for startups, but also interesting perspectives and added value for anyone interested in innovation and entrepreneurship. The introductory teaser provides an overview.

Talk 1 with Regula Bleuler

Regula Bleuler, Managing Director of the Swiss Startup Association, explained the purpose of Founders Day: to provide founders with a network and expertise in various areas. She emphasized the role of branding for startups, especially in terms of IP issues and brand identity.

Talk 2 with Laurent Decrue - Founder of Holycode

Laurent Decrue from Holycode, an experienced founder, spoke about the medium-term importance of branding for start-ups. He gave insights into naming and emphasized the versatility of selling startups.

Talk 3 with Jonas Holzer - Co-Founder of Refulenced

Jonas Holzer from Refluenced presented the innovative platform that connects small influencers with companies. He spoke about the expansion in Germany and new offers such as branded content ads, which offer additional reach.

Talk 4 with Matthias Schranner, negotiation expert

Matthias Schranner from the Schranner Negotiation Institute provided valuable insights into the art of negotiation. He emphasized the importance of emotion control and strategy in difficult negotiation situations and presented the FBI model for effective negotiations.

Talk 5 with Terry Fehlmann, PlaceB

Terry Fehlmann from PlaceB presented a self-storage company that offers flexible storage space for mobility and urban-driven customers. With a user-friendly web app solution and targeted branding strategies, placeB focuses on convenience and customer proximity.

Talk 6 with Jochen Barringer, Modern Heads

Jochen Barringer from Modern Heads emphasized the importance of networking in the digital business sector. The company specializes in finding talent for companies and relies on in-depth industry knowledge and personal recommendations and brand presence at places like Founders Day for its own marketing.

Overall, Founders Day 2024 provided an inspiring platform for founders and experts to exchange ideas and learn from each other. The companies and personalities presented showed the diversity and dynamism of the startup ecosystem in Switzerland.

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