How to proceed with the advertising prospectus?

More and more companies are considering eliminating print brochures from their marketing mix, even though consumers are particularly interested in promotions, especially in times of inflation. The Profital brochure app offers an exciting solution.

The physical advertising brochure is currently being questioned. This is because the printing and distribution costs for brochures are high and media consumption behavior has changed significantly as a result of digitalization. Young people, in particular, prefer to obtain information online, as a Study of the Profital brochure app. As a result, more and more big players like IKEA are doing away with printed brochures.

Rising price sensitivity in times of inflation

However, the brochure is the ideal platform for extensively communicating the breadth of the product range and price competence. This communication of offers is particularly important in times of inflation, as people's price sensitivity is especially high. Current GfK data show that consumers are adapting their buying behavior: When retail prices rise, people want to grab bargains. In addition, shopping planning is steadily on the increase, as a Study of Profital has already shown in March 2022. 82% of respondents inform themselves about actions in advance.

Digital offer communication as an alternative

Without a doubt, broad offer communication is particularly important right now. But what to do when print costs rise? In such cases, a digital variant is well suited. Picking up consumers on their omnipresent smartphones is particularly important. Through digital playout in the Profital brochures app around 450,000 potential customers in Switzerland can be reached every month. Consumers use Profital to look at specific brochures and promotions from stores. This makes advertising a sought-after content.

Successful future solutions for retail

The example of Conforama shows what a successful story looks like on the Profital brochure app. Conforama regularly advertises on Profital and achieves above-average engagement: a click-through rate of 14% and a store visit rate of 7% are impressive. Over 100 other retailers also rely on Profital, including Migros, Möbel Pfister, Manor, MediaMarkt, and Dosenbach, among others.

But you don't have to have a print brochure to go online to Profital. Also feed-based formats are possible: Profital uses the product data to create a digital flyer in the respective company design. This means that offers are always advertised in an up-to-date, flexible and automated manner.

"We are constantly looking for future-oriented solutions for retailers," says Head of Retail Advertising Switzerland Juan-Pablo Schmid. For example, it will soon be possible to play out feed-based brochures and flyers per store, which will lead to optimization in sales and warehouse management. Such offers will be displayed within the desired radius of a store.

About Profital

Profital belongs to the Shopping list app "Bring!" to the Swiss mobile tech company Bring! Labs AG. The two apps accompany users through all phases of the shopping process and offer advertisers an innovative mobile advertising platform.

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