Tiktok wants to bring shopping function to Europe

The video platform Tiktok is presumably planning to offer its shopping function in Europe too. It is currently only available directly via the app in some Asian countries, the USA and the UK.

(Iconic image: Unsplash.com)

The short video platform Tiktok is particularly popular with young people. However, Generation Z not only uses the app for passive entertainment, but also for shopping. During livestreams, influencers present a product and the audience can buy it immediately via a link - similar to teleshopping. Chinese influencer Li Jiaqi, for example, earned his nickname "Lipstick King" when his followers bought a whopping 15,000 lipsticks within five minutes, like SRF reports.

Social commerce has become an integral part of the Chinese market, writes SRF continued. Tiktok has its own shopping function, which is only available in the app in China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, the United Kingdom and the USA.

According to the report, Tiktok is planning to expand the function to Europe and build new department stores and logistics chains. This could provide real competition for the US giant Amazon. In contrast to Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest, where similar formats failed, Tiktok can score points with tailor-made content for the young target audience. This audience is particularly receptive to the marketing strategy via influencers. What's more, the algorithm quickly recognizes what people like and thus encourages spontaneous purchases, according to SRF. (Lia Perbo/ml)

This article first appeared in the Web Week.

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