Swiss Post launches "Post Mobile" mobile service with Salt

Swiss Post and Salt are joining forces in mobile telephony. Together, they have developed the "Post Mobile" cell phone offer for private customers, which is now available in Swiss Post branches.

(Image: Swiss Post)

Swiss Post has been offering subscriptions, smartphones and telecoms accessories from various providers for a good twenty years, the "yellow giant" wrote in a joint press release with Salt on Thursday. Now the range is being focused in the branches, where around 350,000 customers come and go every day.

In future, Swiss Post's cooperation in the area of postpaid and prepaid contracts will focus on a single partner. This partner is Salt. With the new "Post Mobile" subscription, Salt will offer Swiss Post customers mobile access with a 5G network and 99.9 percent network coverage. Salt is also the contractual partner for the subscription and the offer is aimed at price-conscious individuals.

"We are now no longer just a pure sales channel, but can help shape our own offering," Thomas Baur, Head of the Swiss Post branch network, was quoted in the Tamedia newspapers on the decision to choose Salt as a subscription partner. Customers will not only be able to buy subscriptions in the post offices, but also take advantage of the support for the new mobile phone service. Swiss Post employees have already been trained accordingly.

So far, Swiss Post has offered subscriptions from various providers. Sales targets had already been set for these. "We still have sales targets, but these now apply to our range," continues Baur. So far, 30,000 to 40,000 mobile phone subscriptions from Swisscom, Sunrise or Salt have been sold in the branches each year. The state-owned company now wants to reach this level with "Post Mobile".

Subscriptions "not a big hit"

The online comparison service has analyzed how the four new Swiss Post subscriptions compare to the competition. According to telecoms expert Ralf Beyeler, the subscriptions are "not a big hit". Swiss Post is unlikely to shake up the mobile phone market. The subscriptions are considerably cheaper than the direct subscriptions from Swisscom, Salt and Sunrise. However, in many cases there are cheaper alternatives to the Swiss Post subscriptions, for example for smaller brands.

Generally speaking, third-party brands are nothing new on the Swiss cell phone market. Cell phone offers from Migros and Coop have been available since 2005. Today, the three mobile network operators work together with all major supermarket chains to sell cell phone subscriptions under the brand names of Migros, Coop (both Swisscom), Aldi (Sunrise) and Lidl (Salt). The largest Swiss online retailer Digitec Galaxus also rents the Sunrise network for its subscriptions.

Cell phone subscriptions from Red Bull or the free newspaper 20 minutes However, expert Beyeler emphasized that they had not prevailed. (SDA)

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