Gold Interactive creates new web presence for Testex

The textile and leather testing institute Testex has given itself a new web portal to mark its 175th anniversary. The website was designed and implemented by the Zurich-based agency Gold Interactive. According to Testex, the result is a milestone in lead generation and customer retention.

Founded as the "Seidentrocknungsanstalt Zürich" in 1846, Testex now has around 30 branches worldwide after 175 years. Now the company is online with a new website.

Content for the entire textile supply chain

Gold Interactive redesigned the website's design and content. The result is a website whose content is geared towards the target groups of the entire supply chain, from brand to manufacturer.

Visitors from no longer have to fight their way through PDFs with technically demanding texts, but can quickly find the information they need thanks to the fresh design and comprehensible content.

More leads through simplified processes

Gold Interactive has optimized the user experience and greatly simplified the customer journey: Potential customers can reach their contact person with just a few clicks - and Testex thus becomes the lead. By linking the website and CRM system, Testex can serve existing customers more easily and personally, thus improving customer loyalty.

Responsible at Testex: Corinne Blumer (Group Marketing Officer; Project Manager), Marc Sidler (Group CMO), Jenny Michel (Marketing). Responsible at Gold Interactive: Chris Lalive d'Epinay (Concept, Project Management), Meret Küng (Design), Ramon Schuhmacher (Frontend JS) and Jonathan Beck (Frontend Styling), Christian Ruhstaller (Backend), Danijel Kelava (Backend), Fabio Bolognese (Content and UX Writing).

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