Ebay introduces AI-supported "Shop the Look" function

The AI-supported Ebay function "Shop the Look" curates personalized outfits for customers. Individual recommendations are generated based on shopping behavior and similar items and outfit inspirations are displayed.

With the new function, the online retailer aims to improve the shopping experience for customers, as detailed in a press release. The feature is an immersive carousel view of looks based on the customer's shopping history and includes interactive hotspots that display similar items and outfit inspiration. Customers can view a collection of outfits from new and pre-owned clothing and luxury items that match their style preferences.

Personalization through "Shop the Look" is intended to further develop the shopping experience with customers. With the data and customer insights that Ebay has collected over the past decades, the AI technology can be continuously developed and the personalized experiences for customers can be further developed. The company also emphasizes that the function was developed "with the principles of responsible AI development" in mind.

The "Shop the Look" function has been available for iOS users in the US and UK since the beginning of April and is set to be introduced for Android devices in the course of 2024. There are also plans to further improve the function over the next year and possibly extend it to other categories.

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