Don't be a reckless sack!

With cleverly implemented merchandise, the Swedish transport association Västtrafik reminds its passengers to keep their distance.


Until a few months ago, it was considered extremely impolite to occupy the seat next to you with your bags on public transportation. In current times, it's more the other way around.

Dubbed "douchebag" behavior in pre-Corona times, it is now already being encouraged: Swedish transit authority Västtrafik has produced eye-catching barrier-look tote bags that passengers can now place on the seat next to them. The inscription "I'd love to sit next to you, just not now - thanks for keeping your distance" reminds other passengers to show responsibility and show consideration for others.

The "No Douche Bag" comes in yellow and red. The first 1000 bags were distributed free of charge at Gothenburg Central Station at the end of September. Forsman & Bodenfors is responsible for the idea & implementation.


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