Media Focus integrates gross advertising sales from Livesystems into advertising print statistics

Media Focus is now integrating the digital Out of Home gross advertising sales of Livesystems into the existing advertising print statistics for Switzerland. This increases the gross advertising volume in the OOH sector by 11 percent.

Media Focus is adding Livesystems' digital gross advertising sales to its existing Out of Home gross advertising sales in Switzerland's advertising print statistics. This increases OOH gross advertising sales by 11 percent (base 2021), according to a statement Friday. With the integration of the data, it is now also possible to report the digital gross advertising revenues of Livesystems separately.

The advertising print statistics for Switzerland include the gross classical and digital advertising revenues of the largest OOH providers. It is currently not possible to break down advertising print in the OOH sector - both classic and digital - by individual OOH providers. In the digital area, gross advertising revenues are reported as a whole.

With the integration of digital data from Livesystems, it is now possible to show Livesystems' gross advertising sales from 2021 and 2022 separately in the advertising print statistics in the web-based evaluation tool "WizzAd+".

"I am very pleased that Livesystems has decided to integrate its gross digital advertising revenues into the advertising print statistics and is also prepared to report its gross digital advertising revenues separately," explains Ueli Weber, CEO of Media Focus. "I am convinced that we can offer valuable added value here for all stakeholders - customers, agencies and the out-of-home market."

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