Federal Court confirms the decision of the City of Lausanne - APG|SGA receives poster concession

In a legal dispute over the award of the concession in Lausanne that has been ongoing since 2015, the Federal Supreme Court ruled today - in favor of and in the interests of APG|SGA and the City of Lausanne.


The parties involved were informed on Thursday that the Federal Supreme Court has confirmed the decision of the City of Lausanne regarding the award of the poster concession to APG|SGA. In its reasoning, the Federal Supreme Court ruled in favor of the City of Lausanne on all key points, APG|SGA writes in a press release. This gives APG|SGA the exclusive right to market a total of 1,980 billboards in the city of Lausanne for the next five years. Of these, over 400 illuminated billboards in prime locations form the premium offer. APG|SGA is also planning to invest in new digital media and implement a digital advertising media network in premium locations.

At the beginning of 2015, the city of Lausanne awarded the concession for poster advertising to APG|SGA as part of a public tender process. A competitor lodged an appeal against this decision with the cantonal court. In September 2015, the cantonal court decided to uphold the competitor's appeal against the City of Lausanne and to award the contract to the competitor. The City of Lausanne and APG|SGA in turn appealed against this decision to the Federal Supreme Court. The court has now confirmed the decision of the City of Lausanne and thus annulled the ruling of the cantonal court. Olivier Chabanel, Head of Acquisition Region Romandie: "We are delighted with this landmark decision by the Federal Supreme Court in favor of APG|SGA and are proud to be working with the City of Lausanne to further develop outdoor advertising in the capital of the canton of Vaud over the coming years."

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