Advertising print declining

Advertising pressure in the media as a whole declined slightly month-on-month. This is shown by the Goldbach Index figures for advertising print in September.


Total advertising print across all media fell by two points in September to the level of April 2016, but remains up year-on-year. The advertising print in display advertising, which has been rising steadily since the beginning of the year, fell sharply in September. The figures for electronic media, which have been rising steadily since January, also showed a regressive trend in September. In TV and radio, the figures are down slightly.


The Goldbach Index (GEMI)

The index for advertising print in the overall market and in the electronic media initiated by the Goldbach Group is based 100 percent on the data collected and published monthly by Media Focus. The GEMI provides information on the indexed development of the various electronic media compared to the overall market since the introduction of the first advertising window in 1993 (digital advertising space from 2007). In a two-stage process, monthly seasonality is filtered out of the time series. In the short-term view, the twelve past months of the electronic media TV, radio and Internet are shown in each case.

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