Mcqueen Films tells more city stories for Swiss

Following the successful launch of the documentary about Washington D.C., Mcqueen Films is continuing the series with Seoul and Toronto for Swiss International Air Lines.

Each episode of the Swiss series acts as an independent discovery and part of a narrative at the same time. "It's like a puzzle that comes together piece by piece to form an overall picture," explains Dario Mastrogiovanni, Head of Swiss Content Marketing. "Each film reflects the individual soul of the city and its people - powerful and inspiring."

Stefan Vasic, Head of Swiss Marketing, adds: "The fact that we are able to open three new Swiss long-haul destinations from Zurich this year - Washington D.C., Seoul and Toronto - fills us with joy and pride. It was therefore naturally important to us to bring the uniqueness of these three cities closer to the public in an authentic way, which we succeeded in doing thanks to the expressive realization by Mcqueen and the versatile protagonists."

An unconventional approach was taken for the cinematic journey: Instead of large crews, Mcqueen Films relied on a small, agile team to maximize flexibility and immersion in the urban cosmos and capture the most authentic experience possible. In this way, the films bring out the unique characteristics of the cities and at the same time reflect the individual energy and nature of the protagonists.

The films will be shown on Swiss flights in the after-take-off videos and soon also in the in-flight entertainment program. In addition to in-flight entertainment, the films will be published on Swiss' social media channels and YouTube and will be shown on all of Swiss' owned channels, accompanied by editorial articles in Swiss Magazine.

Responsible for Swiss International Air Lines: Stefan Vasic (Head of Marketing), Dario Mastrogiovanni (Head of Content Marketing), Oliver Lips (Content Marketing Film), Jenny Messikommer, Jeannine Kanwischer (Content Marketing). Responsible for Mcqueen Films (film production): Synkron (Yannis Petrone & Tim Holder, Director & Cinematographer), Martin Arnold (Creative Director), Philipp Petersson (Executive Producer), Andrew Campbell (Line Producer, Toronto & Washington), Johnny Song (Line Producer, Seoul), Kevin Prinz (Sound & Ass. Cam), Ricardo da Silva (Postproduction Supervsior), Oliver Don (Editor), Simon Hardegger (Color Grading Artist), Bardo Eichner (Sound Design & Mix).

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