Bold does "everything for the roads" again

Bold's national branding campaign for the Swiss Hiking Trail Association is entering its second round. "Alles für die Wege" has new image motifs as well as an optimized distribution plan.

More than half of the Swiss population regularly use the signposted hiking trail network for their hikes. This popular sporting activity also generates direct added value of 3.6 billion Swiss francs every year, making it an important pillar of Swiss tourism. However, hardly anyone is aware of the effort involved in providing and maintaining the hiking trail infrastructure. In most cantons, volunteers from the specialist hiking trail organizations, which are part of the Swiss Hiking Trail Association, are responsible for checking the trails and maintaining the signage. More than 110,000 hours are spent on this every year.

"Millions of people benefit from the hard work of a few volunteers, most of whom remain invisible. This motivates us to make this commitment better known," says Andrea Boillat from the Swiss Hiking Trail Association, explaining the motivation behind the nationwide branding campaign. "The slogan 'Everything for the trails' was inspired by the hard work and passion that our association's employees put into the hiking trails every day," adds the Head of Marketing.

Campaign by hiking professionals for hiking fans

The Swiss Hiking Trail campaign stood out last season with its concise texts and impressive images of Switzerland as a hiking country ( reported). The successful concept will now be continued in 2024 and the claim retained. "Hiking professionals work behind the scenes for hiking fans, who should be able to enjoy their tours without any worries," says Andrea Boillat. She picks up on this aspect succinctly.

The most popular subjects from the previous year will be reused, and three new ones will be added. The association is also relying entirely on online channels for distribution. Among other things, the target audience is to be drawn to the Campaign landing page where in-depth information about the association's work and corresponding support options is provided. The Bern-based agency Bold is once again responsible for the concept and graphic design, while Capture Media from Zurich is in charge of media planning.

Responsible at Schweizer Wanderwege: Andrea Boillat (Campaign Project Manager, Head of Marketing and Communication). Concept and graphic realization: Bold. Responsible at Capture Media: Alexandra Münch (Media Planning).

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