Serviceplan for Blue TV: What customers want

Blue TV wants to show customers exactly the content they want to see - and this is also the focus of Serviceplan's new campaign. In return, it's okay to enjoy doing nothing.

At the end of October, Swisscom launched the TV Box 5, which now also provides access to Disney+ and Paramount+. The campaign designed by Serviceplan Suisse focuses on the joy of missing out - and therefore having more time for the best entertainment in Switzerland.

With the TV Box 5, Swisscom is launching the smallest and most sustainable TV Box for Blue TV, which has a connection to the Google universe and offers access to the world of entertainment. Paramount+ and Disney+ can now also be booked on Blue TV. Swisscom wants to bring the whole world of entertainment together for its customers - so that they can watch the content they want to watch.

Jomo instead of Fomo

The campaign that Serviceplan Suisse developed for Swisscom in four films for TV and online as well as social media measures is also based on this insight. A single cloud in the sky, a torn shoelace, a small sneeze or a flat bicycle tire - in the TVC and online clips produced by McQueen Films, the protagonists use every conceivable excuse to do what they really want to do: just chill out and binge and enjoy the best entertainment in Switzerland.

In other words, not to always have something planned according to the spirit of the times and to be driven by "Fomo" (Fear of missing out), the fear of missing something - but to celebrate "Jomo" (Joy of missing out). The joy of not having to do everything.

In addition to the four films, this core idea is also presented in a humorous way at the POS, in a special advertisement and in social media posts with slightly different decision-making aids. For example, with a "What's your choice" filter, entertainment diagrams, decision trees and somewhat different street surveys or 3D postings. All played out in different ways and adapted to the individual target groups - always with the focus on communicating the attractive blue TV offering with Disney+ and Paramount+ as well as Swisscom's brand promise in an entertaining way. Namely, to be able to easily take advantage of the opportunities of a networked world.

Customer: Swisscom. Responsible at Serviceplan: Marcin Baba, Micha Seger (Executive Creative Direction), Edi Walker, Nicole Grogg (Consulting), Peter Schäfer, Philip Zsifkovits (Strategy), Nadja Tandler, Ioana Marinescu (Art Direction), Carina Kienzle, Govinda Schmidt, Michael Winnicki (graphics), Günter Zumbach, Kelsang Gope, Peter Liptak, Paris Nikiforakis, (concept/text), Barbara Meier (DTP), Pam Hügli, Raul Serrat (overall responsibility). Responsible at McQueen: Philipp Petersson (Executive Producer), Johannes Bachmann (Director), Daryl Hefti (Cinematographer), Johannes Diboky (Photography). Responsible at Mediaschneider: Bettina Mettler, Helene Leuenberger.

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