Koch Agency and Lidl focus on the team idea

In its current employer branding campaign, Lidl Switzerland connects the people who are already part of the team and those who will choose Lidl Switzerland as an employer in the future. The focus loves on the employees as well as on the products and services. The Koch agency implemented crisp, bold headlines and authentic imagery for Lidl's multi-year campaign.

Simple, at eye level, collegial and lively - these values of Lidl Switzerland are also to be perceived in this way with regard to the employer brand. In addition, the image and attractiveness of Lidl Switzerland should be further developed and sustainably anchored. From this, the Koch agency was to create a unique campaign that could be implemented on various channels, both internally and externally - with that certain something, but always in such a way that Lidl Switzerland remains true to itself even with this new campaign.

"Our challenges have become more diverse, multifaceted and dynamic. Fittingly, the people at Lidl Switzerland are more versatile, diverse and flexible than ever," says Marc Schadegg from the Koch agency. "All this should also be reflected in the look of the employer brand, which is why the design was made more modern, dynamic and versatile - for an expressive employer brand that meets the different communication requirements with a scalable concept." Together with Lidl Switzerland, the agency has designed and implemented the campaign in recent months.

Authentic and at eye level

The campaign concept is based on internal and external surveys of Lidl Switzerland as an employer. From this, the agency developed "You and us, the best team." as the core message for sustainable communication. The campaign focuses on the team concept. It is important to be authentic and to appeal to all people who know or would like to know Lidl Switzerland as an employer.

"It was clear to us from the very beginning that the employees would be at the center of the new employer campaign. After all, they are like Lidl Switzerland - diverse, passionate and committed - which makes them the best ambassadors and Lidl Switzerland's greatest success," says Lorena Cicia from Lidl Switzerland. The results are varied subjects that not only show the different areas of work and topics, but also the great diversity of Lidl Switzerland as an employer.

The creative interplay in a striking, deliberately accessible and modular implementation will be seen on- and offline in Switzerland in the coming weeks and months. Thus, the campaign greets customers in stores, on social media, on TV or takes off on the truck fleet.

Responsible at Lidl Switzerland: Lorena Cicia (Manager Recruiting & Employer Branding). Responsible agency: Koch Agency.

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