Jung von Matt Limmat: Ovomaltine winter campaign goes viral

Drinking Ovaltine during a backflip? It's possible, as Andri Ragettli shows in Jung von Matt Limmat's new winter campaign. It received 6.6 million views - in one week.

The Swiss brand Ovomaltine is also getting active on social media this winter. The two freestyle ski stars Andri Ragettli and Giulia Tanno show in videos what is possible with Ovomaltine on the slopes. True to the campaign claim "Ovo the Top," Andri shoots beyond his limits and drinks an Ovo & Coffee - during a backflip. The video went viral within a week, organically generating over 6.6 million views and more than 380,000 likes - without an ad push or media budget.

Raffle is also part of the campaign

In addition, the new collaboration with Giulia Tanno is live. In the video, Giulia grabs a pack of Ovo Rocks while riding over a rail in the fun park and then finishes the stunt with a trick. In addition to the stunts with Andri and Giulia, the campaign relies on numerous call-to-action measures and interactive assets with a Sesseli video quiz and a guessing game. For the latter, users have to guess the respective ski resort on the basis of short green-screen videos. There are various Ovo treats and ski passes to be won.

Screenshot / Instagram

Responsible at Ovomaltine: Eva Hauck (Junior Brand Manager), Simon Schiess (Senior Brand Manager), Christof Stulz (Marketing Manager). Responsible at Jung von Matt Limmat: Max Heinen (Social Creative Direction), Lara Zehnder (Social Creation), Adam Keel (Video Production), Cédric Knapp (Social Account Management), Andrea Schütz (Account Direction). Responsible at Jung von Matt Impact: Gabriela Oetliker (Digital Marketing Manager).

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