Eyeloveyou motivates Basel to save energy

people nowadays primarily via chat messages. Basel and the Eyeloveyou agency are using this fact to encourage the population to save energy.

"Tumbler?" - "No, better hang up and save energy!" Or, "Cold as ass!!!" - "HAHA, then put something on!" With witty, yet serious dialogues, the canton of Basel-Stadt provides insights into the chat history of people exchanging views on the topic of energy saving. The agency responsible for this, Eyeloveyou, communicates simply and very close to the population in the energy saving campaign for Basel-Stadt. This basic idea convinced those responsible, which is why the Basel agency won the pitch.

The dialogs between the energy-conscious people explain how to save energy when heating, cooking, bathing or showering - without raising an admonishing finger. The message is made clear with the simple claim "Basel saves energy.

Internal communications for the Basel-Stadt administration focus on saving energy in the office. In a video, government councilor Kaspar Sutter, head of the Department of Economic Affairs, Social Affairs and the Environment, shows how it's done: The government councilor prefers to take the stairs instead of the elevator to get to the meeting on the fourth floor.

Translated into several languages

The chat messages about the careful use of scarce resources can be seen on posters in the Basel area, in print and online media, and on social media. The canton also had the campaign messages translated into several languages.

Basel-Stadt's energy-saving campaign strengthens the federal government's communication regionally. According to the Federal Office of Energy, the supply situation is still tight. Therefore, it is important that households and companies save electricity voluntarily.

Responsible at the Department of Economic, Social and Environmental Affairs of the Canton of Basel-Stadt: Sonja Körkel (Communications Officer). Responsible at Eyeloveyou: Rafael Dietschy, Christoph Merkt (conception, creative direction), Martin Sautter, Alain Fiechter (video & animation), Veronica Cartillone, Eva Kern (project management, consulting), Mike Krüll (text).

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