Branders launches brand campaign "Be one of us" for Porsche

The Zurich agency Branders has developed and implemented a brand campaign for Porsche. The focus is on two rebels who breathe life into the campaign slogan "Be one of us!

Ferry Porsche dreamed of a perfect sports car. He was driven by this dream, drawing strength and inspiration from it. The current brand campaign of Porsche Switzerland is based on this brand essence. Branders, the new lead agency of Porsche Switzerland, developed the creative idea and implemented the measures.

The campaign leaves the actual product world and encourages the audience to realize their own dreams.

The campaign is based on Porsche's current brand purpose "Driven by Dreams". It is intended to attract the attention of a new generation of potential Porsche drivers and inspire them with enthusiasm for the brand. The current campaign is also designed to achieve this goal.

Connecting Dreamers

Basel-based fashion entrepreneur and content creator Sandra Rodrigues Pinto and Zurich-based photographer and director Oliver Rust are the faces of the campaign. As identification figures, they are to convey the campaign's message authentically: It's all about getting going, tackling, stepping on the gas - just like Ferry did in his day.

The campaign videos are the linchpin of the campaign. The video worlds are complemented by print ads, digital formats as well as DOOH applications, a redesign of the brand hub as well as text contributions enriched with specially shot images for the periodical magazine Porsche Timeswhich is available in all Porsche Centers and is sent to existing customers.

Responsible at Porsche Switzerland: Benjamin Bieber (Head of Marketing), Nathalie Busslinger (Communications and Trade Marketing), Katharina Heckers (Digital Marketing). Responsible at Branders: René Allemann (Creative Director & CEO), Marisa Güntlisberger (Director Omnichannel Experience), Walter Tagliaferri (Director Advertising), Sarah Hepp (Senior Brand Designer), Anita Hsieh (Brand Designer), Luana Wüstiner (Junior Brand Consultant), Lea Zaugg (Junior Brand Consultant), Oliver Schmuki (Senior Editor), Olivia Sasse (Video Journalist). Responsible at Richtig & Gut: Ariane Pochon (Producer/Director), Sandra Kobel and Florian Kadler (Production Manager), Nino Michel (DoP), Sabrina Zschenderlein (Production Design), Vlady Oszkiel (Editor, Katerfilm), Maurice Mersinger (Music/Sound Design, KlingKlangKlong), Julian Joseph (Mix/VO, Tonverein), Christoph Walther (Color Grading, Trinipix). Digital production: Guycolle. Media strategy: PHD Media.

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