"Anything else would be wrong" - Publicis Zurich creates platform for Eichhof

Eichhof, Switzerland's oldest specialty brewery, has had a new communications platform since May. Self-confidently and pointedly, it celebrates the genuine and unadulterated - and accordingly also relies on user-generated content.

They have squirrel tattoos, surf skillfully with a cool Hellen in their hand, open beer with beer, take an Eichhof with them as they fly by - and recently they also hold the official Guinness® world record for toasting: Eichhof fans in Switzerland have a lot going for them. So much so that Publicis Zurich made them the protagonists of the latest Eichhof brand campaign.

Under the claim "Anything else would be wrong," the platform celebrates what Eichhof fans have up their sleeve. At the same time, the new platform is also a vehicle for communicating the art of brewing and Eichhof's beer expertise. Because the way Eichhof does it, is the way it's done. Period. And anything else would be wrong.

As Remo Viceré, brand manager, beer sommelier, and Eichhof veteran, emphasizes, this dual focus on the world of consumers and the intrinsic view is central: "There are always two sides to beer: On the one hand, it is of course extremely important how it is brewed, the intrinsic side. It defines the quality of the end product. But on the other hand, it's always about how it's enjoyed, the extrinsic element. Where, with whom, and at what moment. Because a beer can be as good as it is: If it's not consumed, it's all been for naught. With 'Everything else would be wrong.' we can showcase both sides in the best possible way."


"From an advertising perspective, of course, the new claim is a slam dunk," adds David Lübke, creative director at Publicis Zurich. "Just the fact that we say next to the logo that anything else would be wrong is a strong message in itself. The fact that we can enrich this with the great stories of both brewers* and consumers* gives the platform incredible flexibility and longevity."

The new platform has already been in use since May and will be played on all channels in the coming years.

Responsible at Heineken Switzerland: Andrys Aardema (Manager Marketing), Philipp Häseli (Group Brand Manager), Remo Viceré (Brand Manager). Responsible at Publicis Zurich: David Lübke (Creative Director), Sandy Pfuhl (Senior Art Director), Desirée Stocker (Copywriter), Merlin Obrero (Junior Art Director), Daniela Steffen, Lara Schöttel (Senior Account Directors), Matthias Koller (Overall Responsibility). Team Prodigious: Producing, prepress, litho, image editing, motion, realization and production consulting. Responsible for film production: Hilton Zurich, Tobias Siebrecht (photographer).

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