CD Peter Brönnimann: "My plants love CoffeeB as much as I do".

Peter Brönnimann is leading the campaign around CoffeeB, the capsule-free coffee system just launched by Migros. spoke with the experienced CD.

Werbewoche: Migros has just unveiled what is, and I quote, "the biggest product innovation in the company's history". The first capsule-free system is supposed to finally make coffee enjoyment at home sustainable. What was your experience of the product launch this morning?

Peter Brönnimann: First of all, I was just happy for the whole team at Delica and Migros, which made this sustainable pioneering achievement possible. In the end, it looks very simple to us consumers: A coffee ball that you put in a machine, press the button, and the coffee is ready. But there is so much work behind it, so many failed attempts, so much will to continue investing time, passion and money - that impressed me incredibly. In that sense, today is of course a reason to celebrate this achievement. On the other hand, the launch is not the goal, but rather the official start; we still have a long way to go.

As an experienced CD, you developed the creative core of the campaign around CoffeeB, but also coordinated the collaboration of various agencies. What does it take to provide appropriate communications support for a launch like this? 

I think everyone involved felt the same way: the chance to promote such a gamechanger comes along only rarely in life. What's more, you get to shape the birth of a new brand - and all that internationally, to boot - what an honor! On the other hand, what a pressure! What helped us all in this respect was the very pleasant atmosphere with the team on the client side. They are not tense procrastinators and doubters as is often the case, but quick decision-makers and doers who enjoy good ideas and suggestions. I really haven't experienced such a constructive and positive team in a long time. I am not surprised that such innovations are created and implemented in this atmosphere.

The campaign activities surrounding the launch of CoffeeB are extremely diverse. Which channels will be used to advertise the innovation in the coming weeks - and which country markets will you gradually expand communication to? 

In some cases, we created promotional materials that I didn't even know existed before. Head gondolas, alarm barrier covers, merchandise pedestals, absence turn cards and so cheerful. CoffeeB will be available in over 100 Melectronics and around 650 Migros stores, so there will be plenty of POS communication and tastings accordingly. In addition, the whole range is running: digital, social, native ads, posters, ads, TV. The launch is taking place today in Switzerland and France, with Germany coming in 2023 and other countries to follow.

How did you create the CoffeeB brand - what should the brand symbolize? 

We believe that big changes start in small things. Two or three capsules in the trash every day may seem like little to the individual consumer, but added up worldwide, it's a huge mountain of waste, around 100,000 tons, that can be saved. At the same time, it was important for us to clearly communicate the uniqueness of CoffeeB: Best coffee, as easy as from a capsule, but 100% compostable. The special grid layout that art director Simon Staub created for this purpose enables us to explain the new system almost pictorially and to convey enjoyment, convenience and sustainability - flexibly and even on the smallest of surfaces.

Do you think it's realistic that Nespresso can seriously compete with this technology in the medium term? 

Basically, you can feel that now is the right time for a new system; many people are fed up with capsule waste. However, we don't just want to offer Nespresso users a sustainable system, but also users of fully automatic machines: Compared to these portafilters, CoffeeB has the advantage that less coffee is consumed per cup, which reduces the ecological footprint by around 30 percent. But CoffeeB will take time; you don't change a coffee machine overnight.

One last question, but it has nothing to do with communication: You just told me that you've been testing one of the new CoffeeB machines for weeks. Hand on heart: Is the taste convincing? 

Definitely, although there is not just one flavor, but eight different varieties right from the start. The whole system convinced me so much during the test that I said goodbye to my ten-year-old capsule machine. By the way, crumbling the used Coffee Balls over my basil and sunflowers gave me just as much pleasure as the coffee. In the process, I've noticed that my plants love CoffeeB as much as I do; it's a 1-A pick-me-up for them and me.

Responsible at Delica: Frank Wilde (Head of CoffeeB / Café Royal), Justina Pluvinage (Marketing Director), Mia Engert (Brand Manager), Larissa Walther (Media & Digital Brand Manager), Claire Marie Wittmer, Valentina Marti (Trade Marketing Manager), Katharina von Creytz (Interim Marketing Manager), Fabienne Vidailhet (PR Manager), Aline Veillerette (CRM Manager), Thomas Kohler (Digital Marketing Manager). Involved agencies & productions: Studio Schoch (Branding & Packaging Design), Notation Creative Consulting (Retail & Furniture Design), Prodigious (Art Buying, Agency Producing, Realisation & Production), Pumpkin Film (Film Production), Webrepublic (Digital Marketing), Oppenheim & Partner (PR), Jeff (Events), Dentsu (Media). Creation: Peter Brönnimann, Simon Staub, Stefanie Huber. Directed by: Martin Werner. Photos: David Daub.

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