Lattesso provides for "love at first kick

Neum and JBW Media were involved in the launch campaign for two new cold coffee drinks from Cremo's Lattesso brand.

In spring 2022, Cremo, Switzerland's second-largest milk processor, is launching two new cold coffee drinks - "Salted Caramel" and "Espresso Macchiato" - with its Lattesso brand. The new products will be promoted from week 24 with a broad-based national poster campaign, created by Neum and JBW Media - in F200, F12 and F24 formats. 

As the sales figures show, according to Cremo, these new products are already proving very popular shortly after their launch. The "Salted Caramel" concept appeals to fans of sweetened and digestible coffee enjoyment, and the new "Espresso Macchiato" is aimed at all those fragrant lovers who want to enjoy no sugar, little milk, but a full, intense coffee aroma. 

Responsible at Cremo; Erich Kienle (Marketing Manager Cremo), Karin Kägi (Brand Manager), Jörg Amstad (Product Manager). Responsible at Neum (creation): Lars Kienle (Project Management), Joël Wyss and Lars Kienle (Concept & Strategy) . Responsible at JBW Media: Julien Witt (project management) and Anita Brasi (media planning). 

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