Notch for CSS Property Insurance: Campaign with a surprising twist

Notch's latest tongue-in-cheek campaign for CSS Property Insurance promotes primarily what it doesn't insure.


CSS serves around 1.6 million customers in the area of health insurance - making it the No. 1 in the industry. But the fact that CSS also offers insurance for all other areas of life is little known. In order to fully exploit the untapped potential for cross-selling, CSS wants to raise awareness of its non-life insurance products with a dedicated campaign.

Instead of simply advertising the content and scope of the property insurance policies, the campaign turns the tables - and first explains what the insurance policies do not cover. In a humorous way, the customers' taste in furnishings, their attitude to work, or even their love of adventure and past childhood dreams are pointed out.

The campaign uses all high-performance digital communication channels such as dynamic display ads, social media, Google Search and Google Discovery and is divided into an awareness layer, which communicates CSS's property insurance, and a performance layer, which generates effective closings, based on the performance funnel.

The look comes with the usual CSS visuals: All advertising materials were developed in the characteristic floating design. Sophisticated cinemagraph effects transform the static subjects into lively video loops through elaborate postproduction, thus attracting even more attention. For display ads, the loops are broken down into individual sprites. This enables even faster loading times, a significantly better image flow and the elimination of the costly HTML video component.



Responsible at CSS: Stefanie Bucher, Marcel Engelberger. Responsible for strategy and creation: Notch. Responsible for advertising material production: Prodigious; Media: Webrepublic, Hutter Consult.

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