Investment theme: Postfinance campaign by JVM Limmat aims to reduce uncertainty

Reducing prejudices and insecurities about investing - that is the goal of Postfinance's latest campaign, created in collaboration with Jung von Matt Limmat.

Little interest, prejudice and uncertainty about investing - Postfinance sees these as the most common reasons why many Swiss people do not invest money at all or not more. Added to this are bank advisors who have little understanding of individual needs. PostFinance is different: the bank wants to show that it can overcome the emotional and mental hurdles of its customers and thus qualify as the perfect partner for all investment needs.

This message is at the heart of the latest campaign, which was created in collaboration with Jung von Matt Limmat.

Investing is only for rich people, the bank blah-blah is annoying, and worrying about retirement planning? You've got better things to do. There are many opinions on the subject of investing. The common denominator: investing is complicated and only something for people who spend a lot of time on it. As a result, according to a representative study by as of January 2021, only 27 percent of the Swiss population have invested their money in equities. This is set to change with the current investment campaign by Postfinance and Jung von Matt Limmat.

Diverse life plans, diverse reasons, diverse solutions

There are many reasons why people don't think about investing. That's why the very different characters in PostFinance's new investing campaign react in exactly the same way to the question of how they feel about investing: Very different, but always honest, direct and blatant. PostFinance's answer: "It's perfectly normal". With this understanding guiding principle, the bank also provides the right individual investment solutions for everyone, such as investing from as little as 20 francs, trading securities yourself or delegating the entire asset management to Postfinance.

PostFinance launched the positioning "Ist doch ganz normal" together with Jung von Matt Limmat in their first joint image campaign in the fall of 2021 and has now consistently rolled it out to the topic of investing.

The Anlegen campaign has been running since March 14 in three languages with six spots on all broadcasters, in all digital channels, out of home, at POS and with special versions for social media.






Responsible at PostFinance: Dennis Lengacher (Head of Marketing Conception), Francisco Moreno (Head of Marketing Con- ception/Communication), Cynthia Hofmann (Marketing Manager), Florian Grützner (Marketing Manager), Jelena Mesic (Marketing Manager), Rose Portmann (Social Media Manager)

Responsible at Jung von Matt Limmat: Regine Cavicchioli (Creative Direction), Anouk Karrer, Tobias Peters (Text), Jan Theus (Art Direction), Christian Omlin (Strategy), Caroline Ronzani, Marcel Walzl, Marianne Sauter, Joelle Mayenzet, Lena Burmeister (Consulting), Wolfgang Bark (Executive Creative Direction), Thomas Steiner (Chief Client Officer)

Responsible at Jung von Matt Play: Constantine Wrage (Agency Production)

Responsible at Jung von Matt Services: Jlona Kopf, Fabrizio Rutishauser, Chiara Killer, Desirée Lanz, Roman Aebi (media realization)

External partners: Martin Werner (Director), Jan Mettler (DoP), Production: Pumpkin Film, Stefanie Brand (Executive Producer), Südlicht AG (Postproduction), Sound: Jingle Jungle, Flavio Karrer (Photography); Media: Havas Media AG, Claudia Gantenbein, George Bérard.

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