DLV encourages fight against dyslexia with Art.I.Schock

Dealing with a reading or spelling disability is worthwhile. DLV encourages young people in particular not to resign with its campaign for the European Day of Speech Therapy on March 6. The professional association was advised and supported by Art.I.Schock.

Difficulties in reading and, respectively, or writing are among the most common developmental disorders. Although the weakness has nothing to do with intelligence, people with dyslexia are underestimated. Nevertheless, it usually affects both the school and professional careers of those affected. The German-speaking Swiss Speech Therapists Association DLV wants to dispel prejudices and encourage young people in particular to learn how to deal with the weakness.

The campaign website is also aimed at them Logopaedics-worth-it.ch for the European Day of Speech Therapy on March 6. The site has been made reader-friendly and accessible. With two playful tests, young people can find out whether they have difficulties reading or writing. In addition, numerous tips and tricks on reading and spelling disorders can also be found. The campaign is supplemented by social media posts.

The campaign was designed and implemented by the Zurich agency Art.I.Schock. The color concept and the lively design using hover effects are intended to appeal specifically to young people. The tips and tricks, however, help at any age to improve the weaknesses and to fully exploit the potential for career and society.

Responsible at the DLV: Edith Lüscher (Executive Director), Cäcilia Matter (Programming). Responsible at Art.I.Schock: Nadine van den Berg (consulting, project management), Yasmin Kim Cilasin (graphics). Responsible at Atelier Mana: Barbara Luchsinger (illustration).

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