TBWA\Zurich and Coop start Veganuary with good karma

Coop kicks off Veganuary with a spirited TV campaign for Karma. In a campaign, TBWA\Zurich wants to show in a rousing way that meatless enjoyment enlivens everyday life.

Karma in den VeganuaryKarma is Coop's own brand that stands for balanced and versatile meat-free nutrition. The Karma product range is designed to offer an attractive alternative to vegans as well as vegetarians and flexitarians who want to take a more conscious approach to the new year.

To respond to the increasing demand for plant-based nutrition in a sustainable way, TBWA\ was commissioned to develop a TV commercial. The task: to stage the vital and carefree attitude to life that Karma brings in an innovative and surprising way. The variety, convenience and culinary experience of the brand were to be conveyed in an entertaining way.

In collaboration with the Giger brothers from Grisons, the agency created a 45-second TV spot in which murals develop a creatively sprawling life of their own. The imaginative flow of the murals is supported by rhythmically driving music, creating a maelstrom of positive vibes.

In the TV commercial, the aim is to make it possible to experience in different life situations that the enjoyment of Karma literally broadens one's horizons. The feel-good effect triggered by Karma creates a whole new world of variety and taste that integrates into consumers' everyday lives like a second layer, refreshing them in surprising ways.

In addition to a long and short version of the TV spot, four concise bumpers were created to showcase individual products, particularly in online media.

The campaign was launched nationwide on Monday in three languages with TV and online spots.

Responsible at Coop: Thomas Schwetje (Head of Marketing/Digital Services), Silvio Baselgia (Head of Category Management Fresh Produce), Sacha Zuberbühler (Head of Marketing Communications), Vanessa Finzer (Head of Advertising), Nadine Riedener (Brand Group Manager Nutrition), Lukas Schwarz (Head of Advertising Private Label/Image), Florian Lanovic (Head of Social Media/Online Campaigning), Ivana Guggisberg (Project Manager Advertising Own Brands/Image), Annika Meier (Project Manager Social Media/Online Campaigning), Simon Flatt (Head of Media), Karin Rieth (Head of Media Classic), Lukas Schmid (Senior Project Manager Digital Media). Responsible at TBWA\ Zurich:  Manuel Wenzel (ECD), Susanne Weeber (CD), Susanna Fill, Wolf Gärtner, Jan Krohn, Naomi Gulla, Noemi Russenberger, Nico Hediger, (creation), Esther Ortega, Barbara Waldvogel, Pascal Taboas (consulting). Responsible at On Film: Michèle Seligmann (ECP), Flurin & Silvan Giger (Director), Louis von Mallinckrodt (Producer), Silvan Giger (DoP), Marko Strihic (Editor), Chenyi Guo (Production Coordinator), Edoardo Moruzzi (Postproduction Supervisor), Lunapark (Postproduction VFX, Composition, Animation). Responsible at HitMill: Fred Herrmann (Composition, Producer), Roman Camenzind (EP), Noemi Mathis (Project Management). Responsible at TWmedia: Stephan Küng (Overall Responsibility), Manuela Brunner (Media Planning), Pearl Kathriner (Senior TV Planner), Damiano Vitali (Head of TV), Sven Däschner (Head of Online), Aaron Salzgeber, Flavio Garofalo (Digital Campaign Manager).

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