Matchcom brings the Messeturm Basel out in a big way

Swiss Prime Site Immobilien has revitalized the office space in the Messeturm Basel. Matchcom is helping the company to anchor the new image of the Messeturm with a multimedia campaign.

MatchcomThe Messeturm is one of the tallest office buildings in Switzerland and can be considered a landmark of a trade fair and art metropolis. How does it feel to work in an office with a view over the whole city? In spaces designed according to the "cradle to cradle" principle? In a vertical ecosystem that conserves resources through shared services and facilities?

"We want to position the Messeturm Basel as a sustainable powerhouse for art, business and encounters. With Matchcom, we have the right partner for creative real estate communication at our side," says Katharina Schwiete, the Swiss Prime Site Immobilien asset manager responsible for the Messeturm.

In close cooperation with the owner and CBRE Switzerland, Matchcom developed a multimedia campaign. This is intended to make the new lifestyle perceptible, tangible, and tangible for everyone via various channels.

Together with the production company Hillton, the agency realized an image film that takes viewers on a search for the most extraordinary workplace in the city of Basel. "Our measures focus on the sensual experience of a personal and global awareness of sustainability," explains Sumaia Youssef, Senior Account Manager at Matchcom.

Matchcom has created a further experience value by organizing two live events: A grand reopening celebration with office tour, catering and live music for invited guests, and an open house with tours for all interested parties. A completely new branding, social media activities and the renaming of the lobby bar complete the campaign.

Responsible at Swiss Prime Site Immobilien: Katharina Schwiete. Responsible at CBRE Switzerland: Sybilla Glutz. Responsible at Match Communications: Christian Staub, Sumaia Youssef, Corinne Amsler.

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