Rod and DAO raise awareness of violence against women and domestic violence

The umbrella organization of women's shelters in Switzerland and Liechtenstein DAO launches its first nationwide publicity and awareness campaign with the support of Rod Kommunikation.

The campaign tells the stories of four women affected by violence who took the courageous step of fleeing to a women's shelter and, as representatives of many other affected women, draw attention to their situation. The stories are not told by their words, but by the few objects the women had in their bags - emotionally and impressively visualized in four subjects.

The snapshots of these women's escape will be placed in the middle of society with megaposters in Zurich, Bern, Lausanne and Lugano. In addition, the stories of Aylin, Natasha, Laura and Samia* will be seen as online ads, on social media and in selected streetcars.

In parallel to the campaign, Sotomo has conducted a population survey on the topic of violence in couple relationships. The results of the study and the campaign were presented to journalists at a media conference on Tuesday.

"The key findings from the study are unfortunately not surprising to us. But they underscore the need for policymakers to take concrete action in the fight against gender-based violence," says Lena John, secretary general of DAO. "Eighty percent of respondents see domestic violence more as a social problem and would welcome concrete action from policymakers."

Responsible at DAO: Lena John, Susan A. Peter. Conception, creation and realisation: Rod Communication. Media: Zip Media. Lithography, image processing and DTP: Blue Horizon. Photographer: Philipp Schmidli. Digital: Iqual. Study Partners: Sotomo.

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