Maybaum Film sinks the Titanic in Lake Constance for Zeki

In the renewed collaboration between comedian Zeki and Maybaum Film, the main characters sink a ship and go swimming in the cold Lake Constance. The video had around 450,000 views within 48 hours.

Zeki Bulgurcu has been producing successful memes and social media videos for several years. In February 2021, the comedian produced the zombie video "Mutated Corona Virus in Switzerland" together with the Baden-based film production company Maybaum Film ( reported). The latest video is titled "Titanic ide Schwiiz" and, in addition to various Swiss clichés, also takes the blockbuster Titanic for a ride.

Maybaum Film is also responsible for this production. The film was realized by the in-house production crew. The film was shot on the MS St.Gallen on Lake Constance, which suffered no damage during the shoot.

Responsible at Maybaum Film: Janic Eberhard (direction and editing), Sara Maag (camera and color grading), Simona De Roni (lighting and sound), Tim Zumstein (sound design and sound mixing).

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