Spina's Civil Voices and Solidar Suisse share Unfun Facts

Not funny, but representative: Over the weekend, Solidar Suisse published its major survey on the economy, politics and society in a social media campaign implemented by Spina's Civil Voices.

The results give food for thought: The Swiss population is very critical of the economic system and its social and ecological consequences. In particular, there is a great deal of mistrust toward multinational corporations.

With the playful motto "Unfun Facts", the posts of the campaign are supposed to arouse the curiosity of the users in order to confront them directly with selected hard facts of the survey results.

The campaign is primarily intended to drive traffic to the Landing page where the public can engage with the collected "Unfun Facts" and give their own opinion. In this way, Solidar Suisse wants to encourage the public to stand up for more justice, both in Switzerland and abroad.

The Swiss development organization Solidar Suisse fights worldwide for fair work, social justice, democratic co-determination and against extreme inequality.

Responsible at Solidar Suisse: Benjamin Gross (Head of Marketing + Communications), Katja Schurter (Publications), Lionel Frei (Media Spokesperson Romandie), Fabienne Widmer (Campaigns and Online Communications), Simone Wasmann (Campaigns). Responsible at Spina's Civil Voices: Lorenz Spinas, Stephan Huwiler (CD), Nicolas Stark (AD), Beat Egger (text), Andrea Oertle (consulting). Images: Shutterstock.

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