WebStages lets content creators explore the We Talents platform

WebStages supported the launch of the new skills matchmaking platform We Talents with a launch campaign. Nine content creators created around 50 contributions from the areas of photography and film, editorial and fashion for the campaign.

In April, Ron Orp launched a new skills matchmaking platform called We Talents (Werbewoche.ch reported). Nine content creators accompanied the launch, discovered the platform, showed their skills and created content. Equipped with an annual membership, the content creators first registered themselves as talent on the platform and then took their community through their everyday life as a freelancer.

The campaign was accompanied by creative minds @jonglr, @ellamettler, @itsgiahanle, @remoneuhaus and @mr.hy5 from the photo and image industry. They created gallery posts, videos and stories on Instagram. From and for the editorial sector with @slavia_karlen and @katrincroth, gallery posts, stories and a blog post were created, which introduces the platform and the self-employment in more detail. In addition, the fashion experts @stylinabyselina du @nanagotti were part of the campaign, who presented their everyday life in the form of a reel, gallery post and stories.

The posts were accompanied by a clear call-to-action message. The content creators used their personal We-Thing link, with which they could assure their community a second free trial month. All posts on Instagram can be found under the hashtag #WeTalentsForFreelancers.

We Talents offers talents a platform to present themselves and their skills in a visual, dynamic and versatile way. Talents can be freelancers and professionals, as well as private individuals who have skills in a creative field. Clients can post jobs and search for talents.

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