The House: Emmi Break is for those who want more

Emmi Balanced Break is the new snack with Swiss cheese, dried fruits and nuts. The House developed the concept, the campaign "For everyone who wants more." and the media deployment for it from a single source.

The House: Emmi Break ist für alle, die mehr wollenSalty, sweet and balanced, the decision is easy during the snack break. Especially for anyone who wants more from their snack and from life. Because Emmi Balanced Break provides energy for everything you want to do, according to the campaign for the new snack. The story is told by two key visuals in images and moving images with a focus on various online formats. The House provided the concept, two key visuals and implementation, and is responsible for media:

As part of the briefing, a map was created with the most relevant touchpoints of the media target groups. Tactically, front-load planning with subsequent long-tail was used. With a view to target groups and objectives, paid display - desktop and mobile - was defined as the lead medium and OOH as the flanking medium. In addition to large-scale paid display placements, YouTube TrueView and Bumper ADs are used. Social media was planned using an editorial plan for organic and paid posts and coordinated with the rest of the measures. OOH planning is based on geo-data of the most relevant POS locations and was booked using perimeter planning.

The planning is dynamic and is adjusted in collaboration with Emmi in a weekly jour fix based on performance. For this purpose, a specific analytics dashboard with the most relevant KPIs was created. The current wave of the campaign, which was launched at the end of May, serves as learning for the fall wave.

Responsible at Emmi: Christian Achermann (Global Marketing Manager), Saskja Weilenmann (Brand Manager Cheese). Responsible agency: The House. Photo & Moving Image: Jonathan Heyer. Image processing: AschmannKlauser. Production: All in Production.

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