Lidl Switzerland, Havas and Swiss Radioworld keep radio listeners guessing

In the current radio campaign "Dasda", children explain terms related to shopping on the radio. Lidl Switzerland has implemented the radio game in collaboration with Havas and radio mediator Swiss Radioworld.

Lidl Switzerland launched its "Dasda" radio campaign at the beginning of May. This is a moderated on-air guessing game, in which children describe guessing terms relating to the Lidl shopping world every Friday morning on the radio, without naming them directly. By means of short introductions, topics such as freshness, regionality or sustainability are addressed. Listeners who guess the terms will win Lidl shopping vouchers.

The concept of the promotional campaign is based on a popular TV entertainment show from the late 1980s and was reinterpreted in collaboration between Swiss Radioworld, Havas and the radio stations. In this way, the commissioning agency Havas is clearly relying on the emotionalisation potential of radio. "For Havas, it was clear that media dramatisation must take place on the radio. Emotions can be conveyed well here and the activating effect is great," says Oliver Nater, Senior Account Director at Havas Media.

Likewise, Matthias Kost, Managing Director of Radio Zürisee, emphasizes: "With this game, the strengths of the medium of radio are fully brought to bear, the qualitative message of the customer is transported emotionally. And it is especially good at this time to hear lively children's voices on our station, who not only explain the terms, but do so with a lot of joy. Simply adorable!"

The campaign will be played out on various private radio stations in German-speaking Switzerland via radio broker Swiss Radioworld. The "Dasda" radio campaign will run until the end of July 2021.

Responsible for Lidl SwitzerlandNicolas Cadonau (Junior Manager Marketing). Responsible for Havas: Oliver Nater (Senior Account Director). Responsible for Swiss Radioworld: Hans Lackner (Director Operations). Responsible for Radio Zürisee: Mike Fäh (Production).

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