Swisscom books restaurant windows as advertising space

With the initiative "Window surfaces as advertising spaces" the telecommunication company Swisscom wants to set a small but fine sign of solidarity. Brinkertlück Creatives is responsible for the campaign concept.

In a small campaign that has just been implemented, Swisscom is booking window spaces in addition to regular advertising and billboard spaces - at the usual rate. The initiative is called "Window spaces as advertising spaces" and is intended to create a charming win-win situation during the time when businesses are (indoors) closed. The window areas will be equipped with A1 posters that can be easily stuck to the windows.

The theme of the campaign: We're looking forward to the time after, with titles such as "This will be the best reception ever", "Here's to the time after" and "Together ready for the comeback". The small campaign is designed for 100 businesses that rent out their windows as advertising space in larger cities in Switzerland.

According to Swisscom, the campaign has so far been well received by the catering establishments, and "perhaps the campaign will find imitators", as it says in a statement from the telcom provider. The campaign is running in Zurich, Berne, Lausanne, Geneva and Lugano.

Responsible at Swisscom:Davide Pincin, Olivier Stäheli, Jeffrey Gabriel, Jürg Brauchli, Christoph Timm.Conception:Brinkertlück Switzerland.Implementation:Form, Freshcom and Sound Studios Z.

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