Erdmannpeisker: Dr. Oetker creates sweet Switzerland for baking

Dr. Oetker's baking book was published for the third time under the umbrella of the Lovecake campaign. This time, the theme is dedicated to the many Swiss cake specialties. Under the title "Sweet Switzerland," 56 recipes are described in the new baking book.

For the book, a baking challenge was organized together with eight food bloggers, which was widely distributed on social media. The four winners were portrayed in the baking book. In addition, further content for social media was created during the production of the book.

Even after many years, the baking book is still an important communication medium for Dr. Oetker.

Responsible at Dr. Oetker Switzerland: Valery Henle (Head of Marketing), Eli Etter (Consumer Marketing Manager), Joëlle Zaugg (Product Manager Cake/Dessert), Sarah Siegrist (Digital Media Manager), Patrizia Mauro (Product Manager Cake/Dessert). Responsible at Erdmannpeisker: Gabriel Peisker (CD), Sybille Erdmann (consulting), Jenny Ziörjen (design), Claudia Schilling (styling/food photography), Kingfluencer (Influencer Challenge), Bernhard Stauffiger GU Medien (printing).

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