Bühler&Bühler makes the advantages of Swisscom tangible

Dialogue marketing in the B2B sector must be moving and easy to grasp - like the latest implementation by Bühler&Bühler for Swisscom. The agency presents complex ICT solutions from a surprising angle. In a concise story, existing business customers learn the decisive advantage in a simple and tangible way.


As an ICT service provider, Swisscom offers companies far more than just Internet access. Bühler&Bühler's task was to bring the breadth of the offer to the point and to win leads. For the personalized mailing, the agency developed a concept that tells the benefit via a tangible advantage: The timer, integrated into a folding card and set to 70 minutes, shows how much time an SME in Switzerland spends on Internet and IT concerns on average every day. 70 minutes that would be better invested in the core business. "Use your time for what really counts," Swisscom recommends to its customers.

"The mailing's form already consistently responds to the recipients' needs: Instead of taking up their valuable time for explanations, we make concrete benefits immediately tangible. The story is rounded off with an appeal to simply set the timer to zero. Because Swisscom gives its business customers this time thanks to clever solutions and services," explains Doris Bühler, Creative Director at Bühler&Bühler.


Responsible at Swisscom: Alessandra Heiniger (Interaction Marketing Manager); Alexander Möckli (Head of Campaigning). Responsible at Bühler&Bühler: Doris Bühler (Creative Director); Osman Bayindir (Consultant); Rebecca Knobel (Text & New Media Producer); Lea Fontana (Designer).

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