Serviceplan Suisse turns a star chef into an artist for BMW

On behalf of BMW, celebrity chef Heiko Nieder prepares unique dishes for a private dinner. Serviceplan Suisse designed the invitation card for this exclusive cooking event, which bears the signature of the multiple award-winning BMW ambassador.


Every year, BMW invites a select clientele to a luxury event. Last year's highlight, in addition to test drives and presentations of luxury BMW models, was a private dinner with star chef Heiko Nieder. The dinner was complemented by a course in which participants were introduced to the art of plate serving.

This is precisely where Serviceplan Suisse came in for the invitation card, which was sent to selected customers in the upper-class limousine sector. Instead of artfully arranging plates as usual, Serviceplan commissioned the celebrity chef to leave his culinary signature on paper for the first time. And he did so with colours produced in a special process from foods such as cherries, onions, avocado and safflower.

The result is a colourful and expressive one-off - individually designed for each recipient. Via QR code, they could also follow the creation of the artwork in a making-of video.

The campaign was continued on social media and interacted with extended target groups. The users were asked to post their own culinary art pictures - matching the time of the competition with a Christmas menu decoration. Heiko Nieder judged the works himself and invites the five winners to a private preparation course in an exclusive ambience as soon as this is possible again without any worries.


Responsible at BMW Switzerland: Stéphanie Borge (Director Brand Management BMW), Corinne Droxler (Head of Experience Marketing), Sofia Diaz Mateos (Specialist Event Marketing), Nicolao Colombo (Team Leader BEC & Cooperations), Michèle Mohn (Specialist Customer Relations & Content Marketing), Miranda Amsler (Head of BMW Communications). Responsible at Serviceplan Suisse: Dominic Shota Schweingruber, Dario Pucci, Kurt Bösiger (camera and editing/motion design), Cinthia Stettler (art direction), Daniela Bilotta, Dominic Häuptli (consulting), Sean Amini (social media), Thomas Lüber (creative direction social media), Carmen Anderegg, Barbara Meier, Victor Borel (Production), Kelsang Gope (Text), Florian Birkner (Creative Direction), Marcin Baba (Executive Creative Direction), Pam Hügli, Raul Serrat (Overall Responsibility); Heiko Nieder (culinary artist The Restaurant, Dolder Grand, BMW Ambassador), Jennifer Grunder (natural colour expert, Nou).

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