Contexta for Bank-Now: This dog does real value work

An unusual testimonial is the star of the new campaign for Credit-now: a talking dog, the fur partly in brand colour, presents the credit provider in various channels. The agency Contexta is responsible for the implementation.


The new brand ambassador is much more than an eye-catching mascot: One of his most important tasks is to communicate the newly defined brand values: Partnership, Flexibility, Thinking Along. These values are explained in the new campaign and thus brought closer to the target group.

In entertaining stories from life, Credit-now wants to prove why the target group should turn to them for financing. The new brand ambassador does not act as a bank-now employee, but rather comments on the situation from the outside and in a casual tone of voice.

The campaign, developed together with Contexta, was launched on Monday. The spots were directed by the British Henry Littlechild, and the animation specialists from Sehsucht München took over the production. The lead media TV and OOH are supported by social media and other measures. 


Responsible at Bank-now: Giovanni Pichierri (Head of Marketing), Marianna Marrella (Senior Project Manager Marketing), Responsible Lead Agency: Contexta. Media: Mediaschneider. Production: Sehsucht; Henry Littlechild (director), Pascal Walder (cinematographer).

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