Ogilvy connects generations for Philips Hearing Solutions

Philips hearing aids not only improve the hearing ability, but also the understanding between people of different ages. With this insight, Ogilvy created a campaign that stages shared moments between different generations.


Hearing is essential for communication with other people. If we cannot hear properly, we are less able to converse with those around us. Our social life suffers as a result.

Under the guiding principle "Connecting Generations," Ogilvy developed a global hearing aid campaign for Philips Hearing Solutions that emphasizes understanding between the different generations. This connection was implemented in three stories. They highlight how people of different ages share a common moment, resulting in an exchange that brings joy and confidence to both protagonists. The stories were staged in the style of Philips Hearing Solutions with strong color accents and a yellow background.

For each story, there are four images including a key visual and a motion video. The images are primarily used for print advertising as well as trade show booths and POS material, while the videos are used on social media. In addition, Ogilvy worked with Philips to develop a toolkit that provides the various markets with possible implementation options and can be used as a guide for the use of different assets.


Responsible at Demant: Iris Müller (Head of Marketing Communication Projects), Céline Bobst (Global Marketing Manager), Atona Damachi (Project Leader Marketing Communication). Responsible at Ogilvy: Stephanie Lang, David Elmiger, Markus Sidler, Denis Klook (creation), Daniela Etterlin (consulting), Jonathan Schipper (overall responsibility). Responsible at Visualeyes: Karine Welter & Oliver Rust (photography), Jennifer Tschugmell (styling), Karin Frey & Rod Robinson (set design), Natalija Fallocca-Bajric (overall responsibility).

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