Jung von Matt Limmat, Andri Ragettli and Ovaltine have an easy winter

Ovomaltine, Jung von Matt Limmat and Andri Ragettli, reigning World Cup leader in Slopestyle and Big Air, show how easy winter can be this year too. The social-driven campaign brings Ragettli's adventures and stunts in the snow and on skis into the feeds of young adults.


Andri Ragettli is focused and daring. Accordingly, the freeskier's course videos regularly go viral. Together with Ovomaltine, Ragettli shows how "easy" life in the snow and on the slopes can be.

Highlight of the Social Campaign "Easy Winter" is a stunt video based on the #GotMilk Challenge by Tony Hawk. In the original, Tony Hawk skates through the halfpipe with a glass of milk - and the milk stays in the glass. Andri Ragettli's challenge: skate down the slope with an Ovo drink, over the jump and don't spill any of the Ovaltine. The stunt video on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok reveals.


Organic and authentic

The social content is played out on Ragettli's own channels and on the Ovaltine channels. With two million followers on TikTok and 500,000 followers on Instagram, Andri Ragettli ensures organic buzz. The content produced by Ovomaltine and Jung von Matt Limmat is based on the well-known style of Andri Ragettli's stunt videos and puts Ovomaltine in the spotlight in an authentic way.


Fails and hacks

The social-driven campaign takes the next step with a mini-documentary on the making of the stunt video and a compilation of the failures during the stunt shooting - true to the legendary Ovaltine claim: "Mit Ovo chaschs nöd besser, aber länger". On Ovomaltine's social channels, the "Easy Winter" campaign is accompanied by hacks for the cold season. How do I prevent frozen windscreen wipers? Or: How do I keep my hands nice and warm even in the depths of winter?


Where's Andri?

The conclusion of the social campaign is a competition in the Insta-Stories of Ovaltine. Because Andri has had enough of standing around and would rather treat himself to a fine Ovaltine breakfast, he sends a cardboard cutout of himself on a Tour de Suisse. The mission: Andri's cardboard cutout goes on tour with the Ovo intern and hides in various ski resorts in Switzerland. Whoever guesses where the cardboard Andri is in the Insta Stories and DMs the place to Ovomaltine has the chance to win an Ovo-Zmorgen-Päckli with surprises.


Responsible at Ovomaltine: Tanja Schütz Hess (Brand Manager Ovomaltine), Sarah Baur (Junior Brand Manager Ovomaltine), Christof Stulz (Marketing Manager Ovomaltine & Caotina), Shadya Fasel (Digital Manager). Responsible at Jung von Matt Limmat: Jonas Bayona (Social Creative Direction), Adam Keel (Social Video Producer) Laura Meister, Andrea Schütz (Project Management), Christoph Kinsperger (Executive Strategy Director Content & PR), Cyrill Hauser (Chief Client Officer).

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