Contexta stages the Appenzeller cream cheese for everyone

Following the launch of Appenzeller Rahmkäse, growth will be further expanded this year. To this end, a fresh creation from Contexta underlines the role of cream cheese as a treat for all.


Since September 2019, the Appenzeller cream cheese is on the market. Contexta was already involved in the development and positioning and delivered the packaging concept as well as the first campaign. Now the creative nomads present fresh creation for the best-seller. The Appenzeller Sortenorganisation hopes that this will provide a further boost and increase sales in Switzerland and Germany.

The TV commercials and posters are initially familiar: as always, one of the iconic Alpine dairymen is sitting on the bench, but for the first time in the brand's long advertising history, together with a girl and an older lady. So this campaign also underlines the role of cream cheese as a treat for the whole family, young and old.

As always, filming and photography took place in Appenzellerland. The TV spot will be on air in German-speaking Switzerland from Monday. The accompanying poster campaign has already started there. In addition, the subject will be used in various magazines and on social media.


Responsible at SO Appenzeller Käse: Rudolf Hegg (Head of Sales Promotion and Marketing). Responsible Agency: Contexta. Media: Media Cutter. Production: Stories; Flurin Giger (Director), Silvan Giger (Cinematographer), Yves Bollag (Executive Producer), Karl Sigurdarson (Line Producer), Flurin & Silvan Giger (Editing), Yves Roy Vallaster (Colorgrading). Music: Nicolas Senn. SFX & Mix: Recording Studio Z. Post-Production Supervisor: Chenyi Yu. Photographer: Caspar Martig. Image Editing: Süsstrunk & Jericke. 

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