Heimat Zürich and Shining Film let donate with attention

Donating has never been so easy: Bank Cler's campaign in favour of the Swiss Cancer League turns views into money for the fight against cancer. This is made possible by the innovative use of the basic principle of digital media. And the prominent cast of the campaign films.


With digitization, attention has become the currency for everyone. Anyone who has it can turn it into money - for example with advertising placements. This basic principle of the media society is used in an innovative way in Heimat's new campaign for Bank Cler on behalf of the Swiss Cancer League. The idea: Bank Cler produces films for the Cancer League in which it makes an advertising appearance. Those who watch the films also watch Bank Cler's advertising. Therefore, the Swiss Cancer League receives Bank Cler's advertising money for each view. In other words, instead of conventional advertising-financed media earning from the sale of contacts, the Swiss Cancer League's campaign makes this advertising revenue possible.



Advertising revenue depends on reach. This is to be achieved through the prominent casting of the films and a film concept that lets the protagonists meet in surprising constellations and entertaining contexts. Hausi Leutenegger, Tamy Glauser, Dominique Rinderknecht, Kiko and Gian Simmen agreed to take part in the one-day adventure, which director Lukas Maeder and Shining Film developed and realised with Heimat. An integrated part of the whole process was the orientation of the campaign towards media distribution.


The first film shows Tamynique visiting Hausi Leutenegger. The mission of the two vegans: To teach the bon vivant to do without. As expected, the charismatic and successful entrepreneur, actor and Olympic champion is not entirely convinced.


For the second film, comedian Kiko travelled to the Jungfraujoch, where he met Gian Simmen. At 3500 meters above sea level, the first Olympic champion in the halfpipe demanded a lot from the declared summer man. Whether it was the quick wit of the man from Grisons or the thin mountain air remains to be seen; on the Top of Europe even the quick-witted Kiko sometimes runs out of arguments.


Die Kampagne der Bank Cler als langjährige Partnerin der Krebsliga Schweiz fand bereits  massenmediale Beachtung und verbreitet sich über soziale Medien.


Responsible at Bank Cler: Gregor Eicher (Head of Marketing), Barbara Gürtler (Branding). Responsible creative agency: Home Zurich. Film Production: Shining movie. Directed by: Lukas Maeder.

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