Mini and Serviceplan give winter the cold shoulder

Mini and Serviceplan Suisse ring in the cold season with a campaign for the "Mini All4" models.


Icy roads, snow-covered driveways, long johns: winter holds many inconveniences in store for drivers - on and off the road. Those who don't want to let this stop them can look forward to a special offer: selected All4 models with a price advantage.



The All4 models are being promoted with a multichannel campaign penned by Serviceplan Suisse and developed in close cooperation with Mini Switzerland. Under the motto "Winter? So what.", a trendy contemporary is shown giving winter the cold shoulder despite frozen eyebrows and ice in his beard. Representing all the lucky ones who are on the road this winter with a MINI ALL4 all-wheel drive.

The campaign can be seen primarily on digital advertising media such as ePanels, banners and social ads. And with a special focus on classic advertising media: On posters, dealer ads and at the POS, the man with the ice in his beard also ensures a good mood - and anticipation of a hopefully really hard winter.

Responsible at Mini Switzerland: Timo Di Pardo (Director Mini), Adrian Kwasnitza (Head Marketing Mini), Fabian Schlatter (Communication Mini). Vresponsible at Serviceplan Suisse: Sidonie Bauer, Livia Küpfert (consulting), Michael Kathe (creative direction), Tizian Lienhard (art direction), Peter Liptak (text), Marcin Baba (executive creative direction); Pam Hügli, Raul Serrat (overall responsibility).

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