Matchcom develops marketing campaign for Baden commercial building Duplex

CBRE Switzerland has commissioned Matchcom to develop a real estate campaign for the Duplex Baden commercial building, which is currently being renovated and prepared for the future. For this purpose, the property brand was sharpened, the communication concept developed and the campaign launched.


At the center is the website with a space configurator. Based on the information provided, the configurator presents the rental spaces that best match the inquiry. Visually, the campaign is to convince with modern, strong color spaces - matching the claim "Work - Share - Experience".

The room ideas can be experienced by visitors to the website: while an empty office is seen on one side in the extended basic layout, a swipe to the left brings up the fully furnished office. In designing the 360-degree panoramic tour, everything from pictures and lighting to plants and a stylishly furnished lounge was integrated. Accompanying measures include the marketing brochure, on-site communication as well as digital measures and Google Ads campaigns. 

In the course of the communication campaign, Matchcom is also developing the building's design in, on and around Duplex. The goal is to perfectly match these to the object identity, the architecture and the actual task of signaling - creating clarity.


Responsible at CBRE Switzerland: Maurice Jnglin. Responsible at MatchcomChristian Staub, Sumaia Youssef.

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