When dog and sloth promote UBS Digital Banking

The Publicis agency has once again created two spots that illustrate the advantages of UBS Mobile Banking in a striking way.

UBS Spot Hund 0-3 screenshot

For around two years, UBS has been underlining its status as the leading bank for digital banking and has already dramatized in several films how practical its digital products are in everyday life. Now, two more spots are being added to the highly successful series.

The first wave focuses on the simple login process with the UBS Access app. The login process is so simple that the protagonist can literally log in "with his left hand" while he is busy with his dog.

In the second wave, the phlegmatic main character makes it clear that you don't have to do anything at all to use UBS eBill to pay your bills - without losing control.

The films developed by Publicis are used in the target group-relevant online environment and are flanked by social media ads, display banners and DOOH.

Responsible at UBS: Daniel Fischer (Head of Marketing Region Switzerland), Sonja Kingsley-Curry (Head of Marketing Key Initiatives & Creative Assets), Anne-Martine Beck (Project Manager Marketing Key Initiatives), Julius Wiedemann (Digital Marketing Specialist), Marc Délèze (Digital Products Distribution). Responsible at Publicis: Peter Brönnimann, Jan Kempter (CD), Andrea Klainguti (Art Direction), Urs Hirschi (Managing Director), Stephanie Galfano (Consulting), Carol Maag (Prodigious), Thomas Wildberger (CEO). Responsible for production: Markus Hürsch (director), Markenfilm Schweiz (film production), Florian Studer (producer).

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