Vorwerk Switzerland and Serviceplan Suisse search for the worst cook in Switzerland

With the Thermomix TM6 from Vorwerk, there should be hope even for the worst cooks. That's why Serviceplan Suisse and Vorwerk Switzerland are on the hunt for the worst cook in Switzerland with a storytelling campaign.


The aim of the campaign is to make the Thermomix known in Switzerland, to dramatise the fooder experience and to generate as much traffic as possible on the landing page. The communication tools are intended to address a young and open-minded target group that wants to eat consciously without investing a lot of time. "We estimate the market potential to be great and we are convinced that we can increase the market share with this campaign and support our representatives in the market development in an original way", explains René Rütimann, Head of Marketing at Vorwerk Switzerland.

The heart of the campaign is the search for the worst cook in Switzerland, who gets to cook for five friends in a cooking event with celebrity chef Silvio Germann and the new Thermomix TM6.

The campaign is divided into four phases and started on Monday with the call for competition participation on the landing page Schlechtesterkoch.thermomix.ch. After that, the participants first face a pre-selection by the jury and later the public voting on the website of Vorwerk Switzerland. The campaign ends at the end of November with best-of stories from the event.

The campaign will be targeted via the social media channels and newsletters of Vorwerk Switzerland and via the channels of Betty Bossi, 20 Minuten and the representatives in German- and French-speaking Switzerland and supported with YouTube Bumper Ads and SEA.

Responsible at Vorwerk Switzerland: Jorge Lasheras (Managing Director Sales & Marketing); René Rütimann (Head of Marketing); Monika Hofstetter (Manager Communication). Responsible at Serviceplan: Thomas Lüber (CD); Jasmine von Niederhäusern (art direction, motion design); Mareike Pässler (text), Dominic Häuptli (consulting), Marianne Weibel (PR), Pam Hügli (overall responsibility); Selise (website development).

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